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Our community is for anybody to enjoy.

For Everyone

In our room we ensure a high quality of music is played, keeping it to our preferred genre, My Little Pony. Anyone is welcome to listen or play.

At your service

Our room runs a lightweight bot that is always ready ready for work or play, monitoring the chat and rules. We also provide support for third party scripts to ensure the best experience.

Friendly Community

Our community is friendly and active most of the time. Anyone can join our open and welcoming lobby, anyone can play. Always friendly, always here.


We're dedicated to making our community the best community.


Please read before dj-ing.


Our community helper.


What you should and shouldn't play.

About Us

What we're all about.


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Song and user stats.


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Want to be staff?

Our Amazing Team

Adjectives cannot describe how awesome our staff really are.


Christopher_Willett, Coterminus, COY, Dashie, Elyxe-, Frikken, Gwommy, Howseh, MaRk0-AU, MᗣD Pᗣᗧ•••MᗣN, opl, Tim the animator, VJ Terezi.


anjanms, Bot, canpan14, cronix38, Fzzr, nejento, SqueeMaster, su-31RD, The Sensational Stallion.


Vinyltrance, Sgt Chrysalis, Unnoen.

We have some of the best volunteer staff available, including our very own Bot.
Join us and be a part of our great community!